Covering a wide range of alternative asset classes: Credit, Private Equity, and Real Estate under the common characteristic of a Special Situation.


Collateral Mispricing

Entering at an early stage via strong network and therefore benefiting from an active investor who takes a longer-term view on the asset.


Distressed Opportunities

Process-driven investments where conflict is unlocked between parties by settling litigation or through buying debt from a syndicate and navigating a balance sheet restructuring with a profitable and well-positioned underlying business.


Dislocated Situations

Buying assets at significant discounts to market value or earning attractive risk-adjusted returns through structuring deals.


Balance Sheet Restructuring

Bridging the value trap for companies on the turning point towards formal restructuring, due to limited access to prevailing traditional bank funding, by providing tailored and full-scale transitional capital solutions.


Deep Value

High-quality assets in various sectors with discounted deal multiples relative to cash-generation capacity where we can restructure assets during the pre-exit stage of the deal.



Fully controlled asset-acquisition with a sound core business; underperforming due to legacy issues e.g., weak governance or being forced into overly aggressive restructuring measures put forward by their original lenders.

Strong track record

Strong track record, deploying over €450m in total since 2015

Highly structured investment approach

Best practices adopted from large, branded US based alternative fund managers with whom we co-invest on a regular basis

Strong and historical market reputation

Our long-standing history in the market has positioned us as a major regional player. We have been able to foster deep-rooted relationships with a wide network of sponsors and financial institutions thus allowing us to source high-quality deals at their most nascent stages.

Full clarity on our transactions

Full transparency towards our investors regarding our transactions over the entire life-span of the investment

Participation in Investment Committees

We endorse our Limited Partners to actively participate in Investment Committee discussions prior to entering a transaction

Focused on building profitability

Focused on profitability while safeguarding downside risk by carefully choosing the most desirable point of entry and rigorously testing downside scenarios

Best-in-class industry management

We introduce best-in-class industry management and work with top-tier commercial, financial and legal advisors.

Evolution of targeted mandates



  • Third international capital provider onboarded

  • SEE Turnaround and SEE Turnaround II

    One deal transacted (Private Equity LBO)

  • Two deals transacted

    (Private Equity LBO and Real Estate)

  • Elements Credit Opportunities fund II

    Three deals transacted (Credit and Real Estate)

  • One non-discretionary transaction successfully exited


  • Elements Credit Opportunities fund I

    Two discretionary transactions successfully exited (Restructuring and Mezzanine)


  • One deal transacted


  • Elements Credit Opportunities fund I

    One deal transacted (Turnaround)

  • Second discretionary transaction successfully exited (Credit)


  • First discretionary transaction successfully exited

  • Three deals transacted

    (Private Equity, Credit, and Mezzanine)

  • Elements Credit Opportunities fund I

    Two deals transacted (Credit and Special Situations)

  • One non-discretionary transaction successfully exited



  • Three deals transacted

    (Credit, Turnaround, and Real Estate)

  • Elements Turnaround fund I

    One deal transacted (Turnaround)

  • Elements Credit Opportunities fund I

    One deal transacted (Turnaround)


  • Second international capital provider onboarded

  • Elements Credit Opportunities fund I

    Two deals transacted (Credit and Restructuring)

  • One deal transacted



  • One deal transacted



  • First international capital provider onboarded

  • Two deals transacted

    (Credit and Restructuring)


    ECM enters the Alternative Investments Universe