“The firm's core investment strategy is opportunistic, focusing on special situations in major alternative asset classes.

Building on a legacy as a credit-focused distressed investor, the team has expanded its capabilities to include opportunistic buyouts. We leverage accumulated deep knowledge in balance sheet restructurings, collateral mispricing, and secondary distressed trading, allowing for early entry into otherwise healthy core businesses at attractive valuations and in a limited competitive landscape. Adding a proven turnaround operating team enhances successful implementation of value-add opportunities. With relatively low capital availability for the underperforming mid-market segment, this strategy is labeled as Deep Value investing in its purest form.”

Strong track record

Investing in some of the regions most notable deals since 2015

Highly structured investment approach

Best practices adopted from large, branded US based alternative fund managers with whom we co-invest on a regular basis

Long-standing market reputation

Our long-standing history in the market has positioned us as a major regional player. We have been able to foster deep-rooted relationships with a wide network of sponsors and financial institutions thus allowing us to source high-quality deals at their most nascent stages.

Full clarity on our transactions

Full transparency towards our investors regarding our transactions over the entire life-span of the investment

Focused on building profitability

Focused on profitability while safeguarding downside risk by carefully choosing the most desirable point of entry and rigorously testing downside scenarios

Best-in-class industry management

We introduce best-in-class industry management and work with top-tier commercial, financial and legal advisors.